Unlimited Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Therapy in Tampa Bay

Support Your Child’s Growth

Pediatric Therapy in Tampa Bay

Support Your Child’s Growth

Our Services

Our services include individualized therapy sessions, professional consultations, and a comprehensive growth package, each designed to support your child’s unique developmental needs.

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Our pediatric therapy services help children throughout the Tampa Bay area succeed in life by providing the pediatric therapy services they need to develop essential skills.

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Child Development

Our Child Development Consultations provide personalized guidance to help you navigate your child’s growth addressing any concerns and supporting their individual journey.

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the Guided
Growth Package

Make sure your baby is hitting milestones with regular check-ins, personalized guidance, and fun activities to support their growth.

Every Child Growing UP with Unlimited Possibilities

Families across Tampa choose Unlimited Pediatric Therapy (UPT) because of our comprehensive approach to child development. Our expertise spans all areas of growth.

We address every aspect of your child’s needs, ensuring they receive well-rounded support to reach their full potential.

Does Your Child
Need Therapy?

To see if your child might need therapy, we begin by looking at their developmental milestones and observing their behavior and skills.

We’ll chat with you about any concerns you have and use assessments and screenings to pinpoint where your child might need extra support. We’re here to help every step of the way!

Is Your Child Struggling With:

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Watch Them Grow UP Confident

We’re here to nurture your child’s growth, helping them build confidence and reach their full potential. Join our Unlimited Pediatric Therapy family and watch your child thrive!